Less Dumb. More Connected.

I did it y’all. I devoted one month to getting back in touch with MY LIFE.

In my last post, Becoming DumbI wrote about the experience I had where I described the feeling of actually losing my brain cells. Sitting on the couch, scrolling through social media, wasting away those precious minutes when the house is quiet and my hyperactive daughter is sound asleep in her crib for her mid-morning nap. The notion had been rolling around in my head for weeks up to that point, but on that particular day, it just hit me (hard). I was sick of scrolling! I wanted to learn something. I craved that feeling of edification, enrichment of my mind and soul, getting lost in a story so captivating that you lose track time. So I put down my phone and picked up a book. And it felt so good to unplug and reconnect with my soul again.

I took on a challenge. I dedicate just one month to doing one heart, mind, and soul-feeding activity while giving up something that relates to technology or social media. IT WAS GLORIOUS! I decided reading would be my thing. I got way into it too. You know that little worm with the black-framed glasses and the tiny bowtie that lives inside a teacher’s apple? I think it bit me because I became a BOOKWORM this past month! (Pity laughs are gladly welcomed for that awful joke). It was deeply satisfying to lose myself in the pages of a novel again.

As for those changes that I promised would happen? I noticed several. Maybe they weren’t all directly related to this challenge of mine, but let’s be honest, they totally were. Here’s what I noticed:

  • My vocabulary increased
  • I spent more time with my family
  • I picked up on more of those tiny little changes in Blake that happen all too often at this age (stop growing up so darn fast!)
  • I have been about 110% more motivated
  • I’ve seen Blake pick up more books than she ever has before (I was starting to think I’d have to force her to have an interest)
  • Blake has even been staying seated in my lap for the duration of a whole story during our nighttime reading (since she is more interested now!)
  • I am infinitely less consumed by the thought that somehow I’m “missing out” on the real world if I’m not seeing everyone’s stories and posts on Instagram
  • I’ve seen a major boost in my self-confidence, not only as an individual but as a mom

Ultimately, it has been worth it, you guys. I have grown. I have reconnected with myself, my family, my faith, and my life. I just feel better.

The most profound yet simple difference I noticed after taking this challenge was the change in Blake. You hear it all the time. Kids watch you, they observe, they absorb everything. I saw that very thing happen right before my eyes. Essentially, I picked up a book and so did my daughter. I gained an interest in something and she followed suit! How cool is that?

I want to be a good role model for her. I want her to be all the things that I fell short of becoming and accomplishing. And I think I know how I can raise my little one to be a better person — by being a better version of myself each and every day.

In the wise words of the one and only Joe Dirt,

“Keep on keepin’ on.”

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