My Story

Hey y’all, Sam here!

I’m 24 years old (I know, I only look 17). I’m married to my best friend, Drew and I’m a proud mama to our baby girl, Blake. I recently graduated college with a degree in Wildlife Conservation (I basically just spent all my time camping and looking for animals). I grew up in Northern California on a little suburban “farm” where we raised chickens, goats, dogs, and lots of cats. Now I live in Texas with my little family and I absolutely love it here (although I do wish there were mountains). I binge watch Netflix, I hate sour cream, I can’t sleep next to windows, and I’m addicted to root beer.

I decided to start this blog after being inspired by lots of other women and fellow mamas out there who became examples to me of what it looks like to be REAL and to embrace your uniqueness in this overly competitive and comparative world. I had been wanting to start my own blog for a looong time, but I always found a new excuse to put it off. “I’m not a good enough writer. People are going to make fun of me and what I have to say. It’s just going to look like I jumped on the blogging bandwagon.” Finally, after years of hesitation and doubt, Searching for Samantha was born. Honestly, all those excuses could very well be true. BUT WHO CARES! I decided… “just go for it, girl!” So here I am. Just doin’ my thing. In all my flawed and quirky glory. I hope you can find something in my journey that helps you in yours, even if it is just some humor 😉

Welcome to my blog!

xo, Sam






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